Sheba Sasami Selection, Wet Cat Food, 4 x 85 gm

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  • Brand: Sheba
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  • Country of Origin: India

While every brand has its proprietary recipe, it uses oatmeal as its main ingredient. It provides a good source of fiber for your cat, which helps to promote healthy digestion.



- It can be offered a treat to cats fed on dry food.

- It's great for cats with sensitive stomachs, as your cat can easily digest this. 

- It's a better option for older cats and others with weak teeth who can't eat kibble properly.

- If you choose canned food, you can feel better about throwing away the leftovers because it contains no harmful bacteria or preservatives.

- It won't dry out your cat's skin and can help keep his coat healthy and shiny.

- If you know you can't stand the disaster that is the aftermath of wet food being left out for too long, this is a great solution.


This cat food is made with a great blend of high-quality cat food, including broths, proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. It's also fortified with taurine and glucosamine to help support your cat's joints and muscles.

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Rs 396.00

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