Royal Canin Xsmall Puppy 500 gm

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Royal Canin Xsmall Puppy is designed for dogs between 4lbs and 10lbs, which is just the right size for a miniature schnauzer or Yorkshire terrier. It's made up of real meat from Chicken, turkey, and salmon, as well as vegetable protein, to give your dog all the nutrients needed to stay healthy without any nasty fillers like wheat gluten found in many other brands.



- Meat protein

- Chicken by-product meals, whole wheat flour, corn gluten meal, brewers dried grains.

- Salmon oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols).

- Salmon meal, deboned fish, sugar beet pulp.


- Small dogs can be picky about their food than bigger dogs. With the Xsmall puppy's smaller kibble, your dog won't want to miss out on its daily serving just because it can't fit between your furry friend's teeth.

- It has an optimal protein level of 48%, with the fat and carbs necessary for a canine to stay active and healthy.

- Salmon oil has omega-3 fatty acids that have proven anti-inflammatory benefits. Our test subject seems to enjoy his mealtime as much as we humans.

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Rs 420.00

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