Royal Canin Maxi Adult 15 kg

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Royal Canin Maxi Adult is an adult dog food made by Royal Canin specially designed to help maintain dogs' health between one and five years old. This food may be beneficial for dogs in their prime, as it contains a rich mix of ingredients that may help with the normal aging process. This particular puppy diet for adults contains many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that dogs need during this time in their life.



Royal Canin Maxi Adult contains a high level of Protein, which is necessary for sustaining the health of adult dogs. It contains essential amino acids; this mixture also provides a good source of taurine and arginine, both of which may be important for tissue repair. Vitamin E and manganese are also present in this mix to help with healthy skin, hair, and teeth. The kibble in this food contains no wheat or corn products to avoid allergies or other intestinal problems.


- Highly digestible kibble made from natural ingredients.

- Proper amounts of vitamins and minerals.

- Contains amino acids, taurine, and arginine for healthy skin and hair.

- Lower sodium content to help reduce the risk of hypertension.

- No wheat or corn content to avoid allergies or intestinal problems.

- High protein level helps with the growth and maintenance of adult dogs.

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Rs 8,810.00

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