Royal Canin Boxer Puppy 3 kg

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The Royal Canin Boxer puppy food is a high-performance food specially adapted to the needs of puppies from 10 to 20 weeks. With a balanced combination of unsaturated fatty acids and essential fibers, this food can help you support your puppy's immunity and digestive health. The breed's specific character needs have been considered, from developing strong bones and muscle mass to the market for muscles to form a protective coating.



- The high-quality protein developed by Royal Canin is a source of proteins and fats that promote growth.

- High-quality protein (30%*) - This product features a high-quality protein matrix, which ensures nutritional support to developing muscle and bone

- All the Royal Canin Boxer Puppy 3kg ingredients help support your puppy's immune system. They have an anti-inflammatory effect and limit the chances of noticing any symptoms of allergies or strong reactions.


- The composition of unsaturated fatty acids in Royal Canin Boxer Puppy 3kg is essential. 

- The main components of this food are high-quality fibers. These help support digestion and help your dog maintain his regular bowel movements over time.

- They're essential to the proper functioning of your dog's organism and contribute to developing protective skin for muscles.

- Sufficient amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids - Moreover, essential fatty acids contribute to the normal formation of your dog's skin and coat.

- They also support a healthy immune system and kidney, heart, and eye health. 

- High-quality fibers - These have a gentle effect on your puppy's intestinal tract, ensuring reasonable regularity and a well-balanced diet. They also promote the production of mucus, which helps protect your puppy's organs from toxins and bacteria in the intestine.

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Rs 2,540.00

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