Pedigree Professional Starter Mother & Pup Premium Dog Food, 1.2 kg

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Ever since dog food cans, dogs have been fed on a diet of raw meat scraps and leftovers. This has caused childhood diseases such as canine parvovirus to be rampant. Not only was this not healthy for companion dogs, but it also had adverse effects on their human owners because the germs in their food were passed onto them. So what is a concerned pet owner to do? Get your dog the best possible quality food by choosing Pedigree Professional Starter Mother & Pup Premium Dog Food, 1.2 kg! This great-tasting dry dog food is made with natural vegetables and cooked meats that make up over 80% of its content.



Dry matter, 59.1%

Moisture, 10.3%

Protein, 11.6%

Calcium, 1.6%

Phosphorus, 1.1%

Food energy (ME), 3104 kJ/kg

Glycemic load 7 4 (g/kg)

Total sugars 2 %

Fiber 8 %

Omega-3 fatty acids 0.4 %

L-Carnitine 0.


- Protects against heart disease.

- Improves muscle tone and aids weight loss.

- Keeps your dog's coat shiny and healthy.

- Helps keep bones strong.

- Helps fight fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

- Restoration of digestive enzymes in mother dogs whose milk is deficient in these important nutrients.

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Rs 500.00

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