MMP Recreation Combo Offer For Cats (4 in one)

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The Combo offer includes:
1. Me-O Creamy Treats Crab Cat Food
2. Me-O Kitten Food with Tuna
3. Glitter Collar 
4. Cat Teaser 

Me-O Creamy Treats Crab Cat Food:

- This crumbly crunchy active diet dry food is bursting with a tasty blend of meats and seafood, including authentic crab pieces. 


- Fresh crab and its natural goodness.

- Chicken contains an excellent source of high-quality Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals.

- Perfect nutrition balance in your cat's diet.

- Rich in vitamins and minerals.

- Helps clean teeth and freshen breath.

- Helps to keep the skin and coat healthy.

Me-O Kitten Food with Tuna:

- This is a combo of fresh Tuna, vegetables, and probiotics is the perfect meal. Your cat will love this premium, nutrient-rich food that includes vitamins to help support your feline's immune system.


- Vegetables and Tuna.

- Organic and grain-free.

- It is a well-digested meal for kitties of all ages.

- Probiotics and calcium lactate are included.

- Balanced with fresh, natural ingredients.

- Glitter Collar

Made with light and allergy-free nylon. It is secured with a snap buckle; it is comfortable and allows easy movement for cats who are usually more flexible. It can be adjusted in size to fit perfectly. Looks chic and stylish on your feline friend.


- Flat collar for cats.

- Made with lightweight nylon.

- Snap buckle securer.

- Metal ring provide in case leash needs to be attached.

- Adjustable in size.

- Added little bell to track your cat’s movement.

- Comes with a matching leash.

Cat Teaser:

- Cats love to jump and pounce on things due to the preying nature in their genes and as a result a cat teasing stick with attractive feathers and bells to play with is a perfect play toy for them. It also keeps them agile and playful. Just shake the stick, your cat will surely dash to catch it with it’s paws.

Key Features:

- Bell attached to it to grab attention through sound.

- Strong and flexible plastic stick that lasts infinite paw attacks.

- Feathers attached to the stick are attractive play toys for cats.

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Rs 699.00

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