Me-O Persian Adult Cat Dry Food, 1.1 kg

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  • Country of Origin: India

Me-O Cat food is nutritionally balanced and complete cat food. It is highly digestible and cats love its great taste. Me-O Cat food is formulated to meet or surpass the nutritional levels established by the US National Research Council (NRC) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for cats. 

Persian cats have long hair coat that predisposes them to hairball problems when they swallow during grooming.To prevent this problem this food incorporates a special fiber that continuously promotes the safe passage of swallowed hair through the digestive tract thereby reducing the risk of hairball formation.



- Contains taurine which is essential for proper functioning of eyes.

- Low sodium formulas help to decrease the risk of high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease.

- High in Vitamin C to boost the immunity system.

- Contains calcium phosphorus and vitamin D for strengthening teeth and bone.

- Delicious chicken flavour.

- Made from Seafood.

- Prevents risk of bladder stone.

- Nourishes cats skin and hair.

- Decreases risk of high blood pressure.

Country of Origin: Thailand

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Rs 400.00

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