Farmina Vet Life Hypoallergenic Fish & Potato Canine Formula, Dry Dog Food, 2Kg

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There are a lot of different kinds of fish out there, and at times, it can be challenging to find the fish that is perfect for you. Farmina offers a wide range of choices from all over the world so that people can feed their dogs the best food out there. Today, they will be discussing some of their favorite hypoallergenic fish selections: 

Betta Fish - This particular fish can live in warmer water without worry.



- Farmina chooses this particular fish because it is effortless to feed, tiny in size, and has many personalities. 

- Farmina likes it because it is filling, digestible, and a great source of protein. When Farmina feeds their dogs this fish, they provide them with a lot of taurine that the dogs need. 

- They like this fish very much. When Farmina feeds their dogs this fish, they provide them with a lot of taurines that the dogs need.

Active ingredients:

Harbor Seals - These seals can live in cold water without much issue.

Feeding guideline: 

25 g per day for larger breeds and 20 g per day for smaller species. You can also feed your dogs using a syringe and feeding tube.


The primary purpose of dry food is to provide dogs with a healthy source of calories. This helps with their overall well-being and appearance. It also helps them with their coat maintenance and teeth cleaning.

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Rs 1,900.00

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