Drools Dog Feeding Bowl Medium, 450ML

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If you love your Dog and want to keep them as healthy and happy as possible, you need to make sure they have plenty of food, clean water, and a place to do their business. With Drools Dog Feeding Bowl Medium, 450ML, you will be able to give your canine the balanced nutrition they deserve. The bowl is made from durable polypropylene that won't warp or break over long periods.



- Made from durable and high-quality materials that won't warp or break over long periods.

- The bowl is dishwasher safe to make cleaning easier for you.

- It Comes in various sizes, so you can find the one that fits your pet best.

- Designed with a sliding handle to make filling and washing much easier for any size dog.

- Suitable for dry or wet food, so you can feed your canine just the right amount of calories they need at once.


Made with high-quality polypropylene.

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Rs 50.00

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