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Easy to maintain: Hamsters are easy to maintain rodent as you don’t need to clean them, they have natural tendency of cleaning themselves however their space need to be cleaned regularly to keep it bacteria free.
Moderate and seasonal shedding: Hamsters shed two times in a year and a little the rest of the time. Brushing them regularly will help reducing the problem.
Easy to train: It is easy to train your Hamster simple commands by giving them treats for everything they did correctly.
Personality: Hamsters are easy to manage and friendly rodent only if handled often and positively. They tend to have biting habit if handled roughly. Since Hamsters are nocturnal they make noise at night so be prepared for it if you are thinking to pet a Hamster.
Good for new Owners: Hamsters are easy to care pet and make a good beginner pet. Same sex Hamsters should not be kept together or they will seriously injure themselves or result in death.
Not good with kids: Since hamster tends to bite kids should be supervised while they are playing with them.
Common Nicknames
Temperament Active, Fighter
Shedding Moderate and Seasonal
Grooming Easy Maintenance
Good With

Body Statics

Life Expectancy

Min Life Expectancy
Max Life Expectancy

Height and Weight

Gender Weight Range Height Range
Female 90-150 gram pounds 3-5 inches
Male 90-150 gram pounds 3-5 inches


Conditions & Risk Profiles

Condition Risk

Other Information

Hypoallergenic Breed
Litter Size puppies
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Drooling Tendency



Active, Fighter
Good for New Owners
Good With Kids
Cat Friendly

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