Drools Purepet Munchy Stick - Mutton Flavour, 400Gm

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Drools Purepet Munchy Sticks are made using only the highest quality ingredients, and this is good news for dogs. The biltong chicken flavor is an excellent choice for your Dog, as it contains a balanced source of Protein and carbohydrates to help maintain a healthy weight. The manufacturer also includes glucosamine in the recipe to keep joints moving freely.



1. Protein source: 

- Purepet treats are made using a beef protein (min. 85%, min. 16%) raised on a free range of grass, meaning that the ingredients are incredibly fresh and pure.

2. Natural colors: 

- The ingredient list states that the treats contain no artificial colors or flavors.

3. Glucosamine: 

- The Munchy Sticks for dogs contain glucosamine, which contributes to healthy joints.

4. Dental hygiene: 

- Purepet Munchy sticks are tasty and help keep your Dog's teeth clean (min. 2% calcium).

5. Low in fat: 

- Purepet Munchy sticks contain no fat and help maintain a healthy weight.

Flavorings used:

Corn Flour (corn starch), Corn Starch (corn starch), Carrots Powder(carrot flour).

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