Drools Powerbites - Strawberry, 135Gm

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Drools Powerbites are the healthy Snack of champions. They are so delicious and satisfying, and they're practically guilt-free! No more feeling you need to find a hiding place for your packs of chocolate chip cookies or feel wrong about gobbling down an entire pizza. These little gems can be popped when you need them, without feeling like you have to worry about your calorie count or how many teaspoons of butter are in that tub of ice cream.



- The Powerbites are a wholesome, nature-made, soft snack, with the extra benefit of being made from all-natural ingredients.

- The treats are so nutritious you can eat them as a meal replacement snack or a super tasty dessert.

- The Powerbites are a great way to get essential nutrients in an easy-to-eat form, making them even more appealing.


- Potassium chloride (preservative), choline chloride(preservative) , thiamine mon.

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Rs 0.01

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