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Online Appointment

You can book a Veterinary appointment for your pet from the comfort of your home or office.

Vet at Home

We at Mr n Mrs Pet are working towards creating mobile pet doctors. By personalizing pet care at your home and around your schedule we are providing convenience to you and comfort to your pet.

Vaccination Package

Vaccination of your pet is the best preventive way to keep your pet healthy. Mr n Mrs Pet provides core and non-core vaccination for pet at your door step.

Online Consultancy

We at Mr n Mrs Pet are delivering new standard in pet care by providing pet owners veterinary advices online. Pet owners can ask Questions or live chat from the comfort of their home.

How It Works

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Look from hundreds of veterinary near you and select according to your preference.

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Confirm your booking and pay us through bank or cash.

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Get Relaxed

Now relax as our walker will come and take your pooch on walk.

Why Us


Home Pickup

The dog walker will come to your place to take
your dog for a walk


No More Guilt

Don’t worry about leaving him alone,
the dog walker is here!


A Quiet Evening

When you get home, your dog will be relaxed
having spent the day running around


A Lazy Afternoon

No more chasing your dog down the street!


Your Schedule

Choose a schedule that fits your needs


Canine Bliss

The dog walker will come to your place to
take your dog for a walk

Are You
a Veterinary?

It only takes a moment to sign up!
A few clicks and you’ll be on your way
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