Hostel Training

Busy office routines or lives in the outer skirt of the city, Keep your pet with our trainers at their home and let your pet refine his skills.

Benefits of hostel training

  • Professional trainers to keep a check on your pet 24*7
  • Don’t need to quit your work
  • Healthy and trained pet
  • Qualified and professional trainers

Home Training

Don’t want your pet away from you, our trainers will be come at your home to train your pet.

Benefits of home training

  • See your pet learning instruction and continue with his training even later
  • Healthy and trained pet
  • Your pet is with you at all times

Puppy Training

Dogs are very capable to learn variety of skills from following your basic instruction to how to assist a disabled. Want to train your dog for specific skill book our lesson training service.

Benefits of lesson training

  • Can learn wide variety of skills
  • Qualified and professional trainers
  • Healthy and trained pet

How It Works

Mr n Mrs Pet

Choose a Package

Choose a service you wish to take for your pet

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Make payment and confirm your booking

Mr n Mrs Pet

Get Relaxed

Relax and enjoy how your pet is improvising each day due to better training

Why Us


More Obedient

Your pet will now be more obedient


Professional and qualified trainers

All our trainers are well qualified and verified by us

Better communication

Your dog can now understand your actions and respond to them properly


Better Bonding

Double your fun since you and your pet understand each other


No more stress

Choose a schedule that fits your needs


Canine bliss

You and your dog are both relaxed and understand each other

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