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Ethical breeders

Though we are not breeders ourselves however we are in support of eliminating substandard breeding practices. Thus we take care that all our pets are raised and cared by the breeders who follow ethical breeding practices.

All the breeders listed with us have to undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure that they are not involved in substandard breeding practices and the environment where your pooch is being raised is homely and safe.

We stay connected to all the breeders at all times to ensure and examine the health of the pet. We at Mr n Mrs Pet make sure that all pets looking for a home stays healthy and fit all the times. Also when you buy a pet from pet shop you are not aware about the pet parents, environment in which it is born however at Mr n Mrs Pet you will always know where your pet was born and its parents. All the pets at Mr n Mrs Pet are raised with love, care and in healthy environment.

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