Pet sitter

In general pet sitter means any person who istaking care of the pet in absence of the owner either at clients place or atits own place.

When a pet sitterprovides its services at its own place it can be classified as Hostel serviceor day boarding service. Hostel service is the one where the pet is kept withsitter for more than one day however in day boarding service the sitter isrequired to take care of pet for the specified period of time for a single day.

For becoming a pet sitter for Mr n Mrs Pet firstly you will have to create a Pet Sitter Account. You will be required to give the specifications about the place where you will be taking care of pets (for e.g. your home); you will also be required to give us a reason why you want to join us as a pet sitter. It will be advantageous to you to add some pictures of your place where you keep the pets, share your experience with those pets.

Once you create your profile our team will review it and if necessary will suggest you to make some changes for better presentation of your profile. Once the team has completed its review process your account will be activated and will be visible to the customer thereafter you will be able to receive notifications from the clients.

No, you will not be employed by Mr n Mrs Pet. Youjoin us as a freelancer and hence are free to choose your own working hours.You can accept the notifications from the client according to your convenienceor reject it if you are not free. However declining notifications every timewill decrease your response rate and thereby decreasing the visibility.

No, you can contact a customer only when youaccept the notification from the customer. Once you accept the notificationfrom the customer you can chat with them and take the complete details abouttheir requirements.

However if you reject the notification of thecustomer you will not be able to contact them through Mr n Mrs Pet until theyagain launch a new request notification.

NOTE: Make sure before accepting the requestsince rejection of request after acceptance without valid reason may lead todeletion of your account.

Increasing your visibility is one of the way by which you can attract more clients. Improving your profile by adding pictures and writing about your past experience also helps in increase of trusting clients which ultimately helps in receiving more notifications.

You can also become our Premium Pet Sitter to increase your visibility and getting more clients.

Getting your first order depends on many factors such as how attractiveis your profile, your experience in handling pets, etc. 

Pet sitters are directly paid by the clientsdepending on your conversation with them either at the beginning of the serviceor at the end.

Mr n Mrs Pet follows its strict policies whilehandling its user’s data. The client while searching you will know about yourfirst name and the information which you are willing to disclose to them. Thecomplete information about you will be told to the client only when he confirmshis booking.

Mr n Mrs pet is not responsible for your taxliability. Pet sitter will be paying its income tax according the governmentslab rate.

Yes! Service provider can provide multipleservices under the same account, you will have to choose the services you canoffer while registering yourself with us.


To find a pet sitter you can search for the differentsitters available with Mr n Mrs Pet on our service landing page. 

Mr n Mrs Pet solves this problem of finding thebest care for your pet. To search for a best sitter for your pet you can followthe below mentioned steps:

1.     1.  Select 3-4 pet sitters from our variedlist of pet sitters after reviewing their profile and those who seems to begood for your pet. Talk to them and discuss all your requirements and anyspecial needs.

2.     2.  After you have discussed all yourneeds from the sitter you can fix an appointment to know the sitter well. Ifyou find the sitter suitable for your dog you can book your service throughMr n Mrs Pet and can relax as your pet is with vigilant person.


You can trust us finda good pet sitter our team will help find you a great sitter and all you haveto do is just relax yourself and trust our experts to find a suitable sitterfor your pet.

Service provider usually replies within 2-3 hours however if you don’t get any answer in 24 hours you can contact Mr n Mrs Pet for further help.

Yes, it is advisable to contact more 2-3service providers to find a perfect match for your pet. Chances of getting agood sitter also increase when you contact different sitters.

Or if Mr n Mrs Pet selects a sitter for client-There is no need for this question.

Mr n Mrs Pet has no distinctions betweendog/cat/other animals, we love all kind of animals and so are our sitters. Youcan find sitters for any kind of pet you are looking for.

Mr n Mrs Pet does not charge anything from thecustomer for creating their account and searching for the good pet sitterhowever once the client confirms the service and book a pet sitter they arerequired to pay the fees.

You can pay us online using net banking ormobile wallet (Paytm) or debit/credit card.

Our fees can be fixed or flexible (have decideand write accordingly). Will we charge from customer or we will 

Yes you can cancel your booking as we allhave uncertain circumstances which we understand, however certain penalty chargeswill be deducted for the cancelation and the remaining balance will betransferred to your account.

Now we have to decide if we will charge afix rate or any other way....

If the sitter cancels the booking your payment will be refunded to youand will be reflected in your account in 10-15 days.

You can extend your services with the priorapproval of the sitter however if the sitter is not free to extend your sittingservice you can contact Mrnmrspet for the further help.

The price for your service is decided bythe sitter you can find the prices directly at their profiles. Mrnmrspet doesnot intervene in the fees set by the service provider.


We can make a slab rate for extendedservice.

When a pet sitter provides its services at itsown place it can be classified as Hostel service or day boarding service.

Hostel service is the one where the pet iskept with sitter for more than one day however in day boarding service thesitter is required to take care of pet for the specified period of time for asingle day.

We being a pet lover and pet parent understandhow worried we are for our pets and they are nothing less than a family to us.Doing the few things mentioned below you can ensure the safety of your pet.

1.    1   While meeting the sitter make surethat you discuss each and everything about your pet. You should disclose to thesitter any weird habit of him or if he has some allergies or his uniquebehavior for sometimes.

2.     2  Also the sitter should be wellinformed about how to contact you in case of emergency or if there is anyquestion which need to be answered.

33.3. If you want random videos or picturesof your pet you can ask your sitter to send them this is also a great way toensure that your pet is having a great day.

Grooming Service

At Mr n Mrs Pet we provide the basic groomingservices for your pet which includes bathing, Hair cutting, nail clipping andear cleaning. You can choose a package available with us according to yourneed.

Booking a groomer with us is as simple assipping a coffee, you just have to book an appointment from our groomingsection and rest everything will be done by us.

Mr n Mrs Pet is a place where we are trying togive best experience to our customer and reducing their pain of taking care oftheir pet properly.

All the groomers registered with us arequalified and have minimum experience of 2 years. We understand that your petis just not an animal but the part of your family.

We are supporting the mission of our PrimeMinister Shree Narendra Modi to create a cashless economy and provide discountof 5% on online payment however we also accept cash.

What if the service get delayed by serviceprovider?

At Mr n Mrs Pet pet we are trying to help petowners to take care of their pet effortlessly, all the service providerregistered with us are professionals and experienced, however as they are alsohumans some situations are not under control.

Yes you can, however if you cancel the bookingwithin 24 hours on the date when service is to be given 10% of the bookingamount will be deducted and the balance will be transferred to your account.

Pet Walking

When you book a walker with us you willfind different time slots from which can select the time preferred by you. Onceyou complete the booking procedure you will get a confirmation call fromMrnmrspet.

Still didn’t findyour preferred time you can contact us.

Every service provider listed on Mr n Mrs Pet hasbeen properly evaluated and reviewed by us. We have different stages to reviewa service provider before listing them on our portal which includes backgroundcheck.

Every service provider listed on Mr n Mrs Pet hasbeen properly evaluated and reviewed by us. We have different stages to reviewa service provider before listing them on our portal which includes backgroundcheck.

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