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Dog Size



Moderately Easy


130-150 Pounds


Moderate, Seasonal

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Moderate Maintenance: This breed needs to be groomed regularly to keep their fur in good shape and need professional groomers for trimming or stripping services.
Moderate and seasonal shedding: This breed sheds heavily twice a year. With dense and plush coat brushing them regularly will help control this problem.
Moderately easy to train: House training this breed is easy however it requires lot of patience to train them. Training a Newfoundland should starts from the day you bring it home. Leash training is particularly important because this breed would be going to weight more than 100 pounds.
Personality: Newfoundland and sweet and cuddly breed just like a teddy bear. This breed loves to please and happiest around the family. Newfoundland should not be left alone for a longer period or it may be difficult to handle their destructive behaviour.
Good for new owners: Although giant this breed is good for those who has a little experience in dog ownership.
Good with kids: This teddy bear breed is highly tolerant to kids and is known to be playful and affectionate and thus suitable for kids.
Common Nicknames Newf, Newfie, The Gentle Giant, and Blackbear
Temperament Cheerful, Courageous, Gentle, Intelligent, Social, Sweet
Trainability Moderately Easy
Shedding Moderate, Seasonal
Grooming Moderate Maintenance
Breed Type Moderate, Seasonal
Good With Everyone
Size Medium

Body Statics

Life Expectancy

Min Life Expectancy
Max Life Expectancy

Height and Weight

Gender Weight Range Height Range
Female 100-120 pounds 24-27 inches
Male 130-150 pounds 27-29 inches


Conditions & Risk Profiles

Condition Risk
Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia
Hip Dysplasia
Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat)
Elbow Dysplasia

Other Information

Hypoallergenic Breed
Litter Size 4-12puppies
Weight Gain Potential
Drooling Tendency



Cheerful, Courageous, Gentle, Intelligent, Social, Sweet
Good for New Owners
Good With Kids
Cat Friendly
Sensitivity Level High
Barking Occasional
Mouthiness Moderate
Hunting Drive High
Impulse to Wander Medium

NewfoundlandPuppy Names

Rank Male Female
1 Jack Honey
2 Tucker Roxy
3 Blaze Gypsy
4 Harley Cydney
5 Mystic Gracie
6 Aang Molly
7 Bear Addie
8 Justin Blossom
9 Gunner Izzy
10 A.J Zoey

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