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60-70 Pounds


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Low Maintenance: This breed does not require frequent grooming and thus are easy to maintain. Moderate shedding: If you have a dog is prepared for them to shed. This breed has heavy shedding twice a year and brushing regularly will help control this problem. However frequent vacuuming will be your new lifestyle if you have this breed as your pooch.
Difficult to train:House training this breed can turn out to be difficult although if you are ready to work hard nothing is impossible. Training this breed needs patience, understanding and experience thus taking help from trainer would be best way to make your dog obedient.
Personality: This breed is completely extrovert and friendly who will always want to enjoy good time. Bull terriers cannot stay aloof for a long period of time and thus may become destructive if left alone for a longer period. This dog needs 40-60 min of exercise and mental stimulation daily to keep them fit and healthy.
Not good for new owners: This breed is difficult to train and is not recommended for timid or first time dog owners.
Good with kids: This breed is known to be playful and affectionate and thus suitable for kids.

Body Statics

Life Expectancy

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Height and Weight

Gender Weight Range Height Range
Female 50-60 pounds 21-22 inches
Male 60-70 pounds 21-22 inches


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