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6-12 Pounds



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Low Maintenance: Occasional grooming is required to keep the fur in good shape. It also removes hair and stimulates circulation.
Moderate shedding: If you have a cat, be prepared for them to shed. Giving proper nutrition and regular grooming will help control this problem.
Personality: Bengal cats are active cats and love spending time with family. 15-20 minutes of activity several times a day will keep this cat happy and healthy.
Good for new owners: This breed is good who are becoming pet parent for the first time.
Good with kids: This breed is suitable for kids above 11 years.
Common Nicknames
Temperament Active, Agile, Lively
Shedding Moderate
Grooming Low Maintenance
Good With Children, Older Children
Size Medium

Body Statics

Life Expectancy

Min Life Expectancy
Max Life Expectancy

Height and Weight

Gender Weight Range Height Range
Female 10-18 pounds
Male 6-12 pounds


Conditions & Risk Profiles

Condition Risk

Other Information

Hypoallergenic Breed
Litter Size 1-3puppies
Weight Gain Potential
Drooling Tendency



Active, Agile, Lively
Good for New Owners
Good With Kids
Cat Friendly

BengalPuppy Names

Rank Male Female
1 Titan Emma
2 Alex Sassy
3 Coco Misty
4 Gavin Sushi
5 Ash Cleo
6 Garfield Smokey
7 Achmed Lexi
8 Milo Pepsi
9 Harley Chloe
10 Viking Kitkat

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