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Golden Retriever Price In India | Buy Golden Retriever In India

Sakshi April 2022

A million questions run across the minds of potential dog parents before they finally decide to get a dog. People are always curious about this honest breed known as the Golden Retriever! Not only will we explain their prices, but other important information as well! A few of the most critical questions about them are answered for your convenience to help you make a quicker and better choice for your new doggo! We're sure you'll be able to make a better decision after reading this article and get home a cute little pup to begin your pet parenting journey with!!

Golden Retriever Price In India | Buy Golden Retriever In India

Hello and welcome to another one of pupper summers! Here, we collectively appreciate the pooches around us and establish our love for them! We want this one to be an introductory article for all those wannabe pet parents looking forward to a Golden pup and all they need to know before getting a new family member!

Having a pet doggo at home is one of the most satisfying things. A few of the most famous dog breeds are German Shepherd, Chow Chow, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. And all these breeds are divided into three different categories based on their quality. These are-

Normal, KCI Registered (Where both parents are KCI Registered), and Show Quality or Champion Line (Who are KCI Registered but with KCI Show Winner Parents).

*KCI is Kennel Club of India, a professional body that maintains Dog Breed Standard in India and organizes All India All Breed Championship Dog Shows. The Kennel Club of India, a registry of purebred dogs in India, maintains a record of pedigrees. The club also promotes and sanctions events for purebred doggos, including annual dog shows and specialty shows. The KCI is a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Let us now get to know our all-time favorite breed- Golden Retriever! We're sure you've noticed this alert and confident breed with your friendly neighborhood doggo!

Also known as energetic balls of fun, this breed is a British breed of retriever dog of medium size. It is distinguished by a gentle and affectionate nature and a striking golden coat. They are much easier to train, making every second of your time with them the most fun! Golden Retrievers might follow their basic instinct to bite because of their history with hunting, chasing, and even biting in some situations.

For many families, the Golden Retriever is also a treasured family pet. Being a medium-sized breed, their maximum weight goes from 30–34 kg in male dogs and 25–32 kg in female Golden Retrievers, and they live for 10 to 12 human years!

Golden Retriever Price In India | Buy Golden Retriever In India

Golden Retriever Price In India | Price of Golden Retriever Puppy In India

One of the questions that most pet parents wonder about is the price of these dogs. After all, getting a pet depends on one's budget!

One must make sure that you can afford to get and keep these well-bred dogs as a part of their family! Golden Retrievers are a highly recommended and wanted breed.

One of the Normal quality Golden Retriever furball pups would cost you from ₹15,000- to 35,000. While a Golden Retriever puppy that has KCI registered parents, as explained before, will cost you ₹35,000- 50,000. A show quality or champion line, Golden pup, on the other hand, will cost you about ₹50,000- 70,000 in exchange for lots of love and affection. The prices do not always remain fixed. These prices differ based on gender, location, and availability for Golden Retriever puppies of different qualities around you in India. They are a priced treasure for any family!


Golden Retrievers are even-tempered, intelligent, Friendly, Kind, Reliable, Confident, Trustworthy, and affectionate. They are playful yet gentle with children, and they tend to get along well with other pets and even strangers! They are the safest dogs to be around and can even make excellent guard dogs.

Positive, energetic.

Let us know some more about this breed and how they are at heart! As mentioned before, Golden Retriever are positive, confident, and highly energetic breeds. They are not only curious but also obedient and loyal! They need proper exercise and training for their physical and mental health development. Having a Golden Retriever at home is like having a dear friend to always be by your side, play with you and protect you and your family. They must be well fed as they have duties to tend to, and canines think from their tummies!

Here is some food that you can feed your Golden Retriever as meals. These include meat, small fish, organ meat, raw bones, skin, fur, feathers, eggs, greens and vegetables, and berries and fruit. You can also feed them ready-made dog food, gravy, or other treats! Make sure to switch this food according to your dog's age and weight.


Another thing you must consider before getting yourself a pet is how well your lifestyle complements them and how well they adapt to any environment. These energy boosters adapt to any environment quickly and are equally easy to be with. Their friendly and tolerant attitude makes them great family dogs. Retriever are a highly active breed and need lots of exercises, playtime, and frequent hair brushing, and they shed like a bear. They make great personality types, are easy to maintain, and are the happy kind such that even people these days can be described as Golden Retriever!

Golden Retriever are a medium-size breed. Like any other dog breed, they have similar grooming needs but shed more. So you must make sure you have the space to keep them and play with them accordingly. Due to their physical size and amount of shedding would be ideal for a house with a yard for convenient exercise. They can adapt to any surroundings as long as they are well exercised.

Their adaptability with family is 5-star rated. While they might come across as aloof to strangers, they are known to be wonderful family dogs and prove to be great companions for known faces and even kids! They will prove to be an ideal breed for active households.

In recent years, people have needed to have pets at home for their amusement. And now they are even getting pets for their pet's amusement too! So, get yourself a new furry best friend today for all the right reasons! You know all you need to know before getting these dog breeds.

Once you get a dog, it will need all your love, care, and attention. Dog care comes from the accessories you use on your doggos for grooming and care. These include all kinds of pet products readily available online in India! All in all, Golden Retrievers are the perfect puppies you can get if you seriously consider getting a canine.

We're sure you look forward to getting a puppy! And we are excited for you to begin your pet parenting journey with your new pup right away!

Golden Retriever Price In India | Buy Golden Retriever In India

Congratulations, dear readers, you now know all you need to get one of these fantastic doggos! Before you do, try talking to other dog parents about their pet parenting journey and experience to understand better, or contact Mr n Mrs Pet for all the guidance you need! Don't think twice and let Mr n Mrs Pet help you through it! And one day, when you finally welcome your pet home, your house should be fully equipped with all the necessary pet accessories for your furballs.

We have healthy golden retriever puppies available for adoption. If you are looking for convenient mating services for your golden retriever we can make your experience effortless.

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Did You Know?

The Price of a Golden Retriever Puppies starts at INR 15,000 and goes up to INR 80,000 depending on the dog’s quality, which can be in three variants- basic, KCI certified, and show quality.

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