Privacy Policy


In the privacy policy of, we describe practices of storing, collecting, using and disclosing the information that we might collect from the different sources from the websites. Our privacy includes many important things such as:

Collection of information through websites:

Financial transactions: When you order for our services on our online portal then we ask for different information about you including name, gender, postal address, email address, mobile number, landline number, security code, details of payment card and bank account. We receive information about people from social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook. We contact with the people who are seeking for the services provided by us. We keep all the information about the service seekers secured in our database. In email, we send our newsletters and other important information about the company.

How we use collected data

The collected information about the service seekers is used for commercial purposes. It helps us to improve our business and popularity of our website. We are here to promote our services and the products as well. We respond to the queries through email and other requests. All the collected data is used in the marketing of our services and products.

When and why collected data is shared with third party

Collected information is disclosed with third party only in two cases such as
1) When we are permitted to share the data
2) Without permission when:
i) It is required to share the data with the companies of our group only.
ii) Collected data will be shared with the contractors and the service providers of our group.

Security measure of collected data

We use high security measures to protect the data that we have collected from different websites. We take proper steps to protect the data from unauthorized access. Our intentions are completely pure in the collection of data but it is important for you to be aware about your data. Sometimes there are some links on the website that fetches the data from different places. Try not to click on such links.

Response of Do not track signals
If you prefer ‘Do not track signals’ in your browser that shows that you don’t want your data to be tracked. If you turn on Do not track signals then browser will not able to track data from you.

How you can update the information
If you want to update collected information that is collected through websites, you can mail us regarding your information. We may keep your updated information for many legal reasons such as dispute resolution, fraud prevention, troubleshooting and many more reasons.

Changes in privacy policy
We are reserved to make the changes in this privacy policy anytime. Changes in privacy policy will be effective prospectively. Changes in the privacy policies will be accepted by you. Please visit website to know the services and products offered by this company.

Privacy policies of our organization are copyrighted and infringements in these privacy policies are a subject to legal action.

Contact us
If you are willing to ask any query about this complete privacy policy, you can contact us by calling us at 9950598782. You may Email us at




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