Pets Photoshoot

We provide pet photography! We call it “pettography”

At Mr n Mrs Pet we know how dearly you love the small, precious moments you spend with your lovely pets: Moments so special, you would love to capture them and store them in the treasure of your mind. So, we offer the pet photography that help you to really capture those treasured moments in the form of photos and relive those special moments just by looking at those photos.

The life goes on, moments evaporate but feelings live on. There are many such feelings that you would never like to part with: the first time your cute puppy started playing ball with you, the day it started learning tricks to amuse you, the day when it had its first crush and the first day when it was groomed to have that cool urbane look. The best thing is that we allow you to relive those feeling whenever you wish. Our lively, clean, realistic photography helps you to have striking, stunning photos of you cute pets.

We employ various methods to ensure the best pose of your pet. Right from offering it the delicious treats to using various behavioural tricks we use a variety of techniques to make your pet camera-friendly. The only thing we don’t use is force! We don’t believe in harassing or pressurizing your pets just in order to get their photos. We want to make the photography an enjoyable experience for your pets. Right from small birds till huge sized dog breeds, we offer photography services for all kinds of pet. Rely on us; our highly experienced photographers know the best way to prepare your pet for some awesome snaps!

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  • I just want to thank you very much for everything. You and your team are wonderful.

  •  fully satisfied with the services provided, true to what they say .

  •  i don't remember the last time i encountered a website that went the extra mile for the sake o

  • they not only provide healthy pets but also take care of other necessities to them. and, i'm very ha

  • I just want to thank you very much for everything. You and your team are wonderful.